The aim with the trademark is to create a method of easily identifying animals with ARC-Performance Test Data (including breeding values) available.

The ARC-Animal Production Institute would like the trademark to be used as widely as possible. To achieve this, the trademark is made available to all farmers who participate in any of the ARC-Livestock Improvement Schemes. In order to keep control of legitimate use of the trademark, each participant who wants to make use of it have to apply. (Download English or Afrikaans version and undertake to comply with the rules.)

Beef Cattle Improvement Scheme
Animal Recording and Improvement


The most likely applications of the trademark is at shows, in advertisements, sales catalogues, etc., where it will enable prospective buyers to easily identify ARC-Performance Tested herds and animals. This will give them the assurance that such animals have credible performance test data and breeding values and thus enable them to give preference and be prepared to pay a premium for such animals.

The most important rules for the use of the trademark can be summarized as follows:

  • Only members of any of the ARC-Livestock Improvement Schemes may use it after a successful application.

  • It may only be used with performance test data and breeding values from the ARC.

  • The user must supply the General Manager, or his delegate, with a copy of all publications where the trademark is to be used.

Enquiries may be directed to Dr Ben Greyling at telephone number +27 (0)12 672 9052 or email to