The Insect Quarantine service is rendered under a mandate from the Directorate of South African Agricultural Food, Quarantine and Inspection Services (SAAFQIS) of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in terms of the Agricultural Pests Act (Act 36 of 1983). All insects that are imported, whether for the biological control of insect pests, for scientific study or other beneficial purposes, have to pass through quarantine before being released back to the importing agency. They are reared for at least one generation in quarantine to ensure that the culture is pure and of the right identity, and that it conforms to the host specificity requirements set by SAAFQIS.

The quarantine facility, situated at Roodeplaat in Pretoria, is available to any person or institution in possession of a valid import permit issued by SAAFQIS.

Almie van den Berg, Roodeplaat (East), Pretoria

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