Beekeeping Research and Development has a long and illustrious history in South Africa. Since 1923 when the Department of Agriculture and Forestry appointed the first bee specialist in Pretoria and 1950 when a beekeeping officer was appointed in Stellenbosch, the aims of the units have been research, development and extension, training, and diagnostic services.

The focus areas of this programme comply with the executive initiatives of the ARC. and are as follows:

Guard bees
Instrumental insemination
of a queen honeybee

beekeeping skills

​The book "Beekeeping in South Africa, third edition, revised" provides a detailed overview of beekeeping with the Cape and African subspecies of honeybee, with the emphasis on basic information and instruction. The book is a worthy handbook for, hobbyists, beginners as well as professional beekeepers, and students alike.

Research Team Manager: Dr. Roger Price, E-mail:
Campus: Roodeplaat (East, Pretoria

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