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Arachnids are found everywhere. They are common inhabitants of gardens and homes. Urban areas are by definition densely populated. This creates an enormous pressure on the environment since people tend to manipulate their habitat according to their needs.

However, a number of spider and even scorpion species seems to have adapted perfectly to this biotope and are commonly found in urban and suburban areas. There are even some species that would never have been so numerous and widespread if it were not for cities.

Of the arachnids spiders are especially commonly found in and around houses. They play an important role in gardens as control agents of garden pest species. Because of their abundance in urban and suburban areas surveys of this areas form an important part of the SANSA surveys.

SANSA surveys is presently underway to determine the biodiversity of arachnids in urban areas in the following areas:

  • Spiders of the greater Durban area
  • Spiders of the Cape Peninsula
  • Spiders of the greater Tswane area
  • Arachnids in the National Botanical Gardens in Bloemfontein and Pretoria

We are also busy to compile a photo gallery of spiders throughout the country see Virtual Museum. Public are welcome to participate.

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