Specimen identification and information service

The South African National Collection of Insects renders a comprehensive specimen identification and biological and biogeographic information service in entomology and has special expertise in groups of economic importance, such as pollinators and agricultural pests and their natural enemies. It also functions as a clearinghouse from where specimens are sent, on behalf of clients, to specialists in other institutions for further identification. To assist clients in correctly preparing material for submission and identification, the Division has published a guide on how to collect and preserve insects and arachnids for scientific study.  

  1. Identification Service (pdf)


V.M. Uys and R.P Urban (Eds), 2005 How to Collect and Preserve Insects and Arachnids 2nd Edition. Plant Protection Research Institute Handbook No. 7.112 pp.

UYS, Vivienne 2002 Guide to the Termite Genera of Southern Africa. Plant Protection Research Institute Handbook No. 15. 116pp


Custom-designed courses in the identification of specific groups of insects.


Mrs Vivienne Uys, Tel: +27 (0)12 808 8285