The Arachnida Unit renders a comprehensive specimen identification and biological and biogeographic information service and has special expertise in several groups such as spiders, scorpions, sun-spiders and mites. The fast biological information source associated with the specimens held in the National Collection of Arachnida (NCA) enable us to provide information on arachnids of importance to agriculture and biodiversity conservation in South Africa. Through this reference source we render invaluable biosystematic support to a wide range of clients. To assist clients in correctly preparing material for submission and identification, the Division has published a guide on how to collect and preserve insects and arachnids for scientific study.

The Arachnology Unit offers the following services:

  • identification of arachnids to species level

  • specialised biosystematic and other information on arachnids

  • information on their biogeography

Contact detail of experts:

  • Robin Lyle - spider, scorpions and other arachnids


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