Synthetic pesticides are chemical substances formulated by man used to kill or repel insects, plant diseases, invasive and unwanted plants, pest mammals (rats, mice) and other living organisms that are invasive, harmful and cause damage.

Pesticides are, however, also toxic to people and non-target organisms when used in excess, and pollute the environment.  The handling, use and disposal of pesticides always requires special care. ​

A list of registered pesticides for lepidopteran pests on cereal crops in South Africa was given emergency and temporary approval status in July 2017 by the Registrar: Act 36 of 1947 for application against the Fall Armyworm (Guideline for registered agrochemicals to control Fall Armyworm in South Africa). 

It is also important not to rely on one control practice. Integrated pest management should always be kept in mind. ForFall Armyworm control measures please visit the DAFF website.​