Acting Research Team Manager: Dr E Elgorashi

​Emerging pathogens and the appearance of problems such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) in cattle, mycotoxicoses, and ingestion of unacceptable levels of veterinary drugs, agricultural and industrial chemicals are identified as hazards in food and necessitates new and improved diagnostic support and development. Animal food products are a major contributor to a balanced diet because of the nutritional value of their proteins and significant quantities of high bioavailable minerals and vitamins. Livestock losses due to poisoning by mycotoxins and the 600-odd toxic plant species in South Africa alone is estimated as to cost more than 37 000 head of cattle and more than 250 000 head of stock each year. It is the aim of the PHZ programme to safeguard veterinary public and animal health through investigations of zoonotic disease, and the safety of food and feed. The programme comprises the following three projects:

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