Integrated control of quarantine pests on mango, avocado and litchi

Most insect pests have not reached their full potential of geographical distribution and therefore most countries have regulatory agencies with a mission to prevent the introduction of exotic species. The presence of false codling moth and fruit flies has resulted in embargoes being placed on South African avocados by quarantine authorities in the certain countries, thereby limiting access to potentially valuable markets. Likewise the litchi and mango growers would like to access new markets. The focus markets of mango growers are in China as Chinese markets have recently opened to South African producers. There is therefore a need to develop quarantine treatments for both the pests.


Mango weevil and fruit flies are quarantine pests that prohibit the exportation and suitable quarantine treatments need to be developed. The litchi growers would also like to expand their markets but litchi moth, false codling moth and fruit flies are quarantine pests. The entire farming community in South African can benefit by the expanding of new markets for subtropical fruit. The objectives of this project are to to evaluate a systems approach to quarantine security for ‘Hass’ avocado fruit infested with false codling moth in order to achieve quarantine security; to study quarantine pests on mango and litchi; and to develop control methods for these pests.  


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