TSC-PIbanner.jpg​The Plant Improvement Unit focuses on the adaptability and suitability of imported as well as locally-developed cultivars and rootstocks. Historically, the various breeding programmes have been very productive and have led to the release of a number of cultivars that have benefitted local farmers. Of note are the Eureka! Seedless LemonTM, the mango cultivars 'Heidi' and 'Joa', the Guava Wilt Disease resistant rootstock 'TS-G2' and the 'Bounty' avocado rootstock. More recently, an exciting range of new citrus cultivars has been developed, including 'ARCCIT9' (a mutation of 'Nadorcott'), which has proven to be in high demand.

For further information on research projects currently undertaken by the Plant Improvement Unit,
contact Arthur Sippel at e-mail: infoitsc@arc.agric.za

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Citrus breeding via hand pollinations to get hybrid fruit.  ​


Fruit of ARCCIT9.​​​​​​ ​ ​

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