Herbs have been grown from the earliest times. They have been used for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes.  Herb gardens remain popular and benefit can be obtained from herbs whether as flavouring in foods, as a remedy for various ailments or simply for their warm fragrance. 

Herbs planted together with other plants are also useful as an insect repellant or attracting bees and butterflies to the garden. 

Most herbs are easy to cultivate and will grow in most climates.  Herbs are generally more temperate than spices.  Spices can not be grown as easily as most require tropical climates. 

Herbs grown in your garden will result in a constant supply of fresh herbs for use in and around your home. 

In utilizing herbs medicinally it is not suggested that they replace the doctor but rather be used for minor complaints such as the common cold, scratches, bruises or tension.  Much relief can be found from the use of herbs in this way and a variety of herbs used in the daily diet will aid good health.  If however you suspect that you have a serious ailment rather consult your doctor.​


Author:  Rosemary du Preez
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