​​​The Citrus industry has been subject to rapid changes during the past few years. New threats were faced in all fields, from production aspects to marketing and access to foreign markets. Most of these have been overcome through dedicated efforts by many organizations and individuals involved in different spheres of the citrus industry.

One of the constraints with regards to production aspects within South Africa is that less than 12 % of the country's land is arable. Furthermore, constraints such as limited water resources, unpredictable rainfall patterns and periodic droughts also hinder efficient agricultural production.

These influences require from the primary land user to be very circumspect on how they use and manage the limited resources for sustainable production and retention of productive capacity. Improved information is thus an essential requirement for good management decisions.

The intention of the editors and contributors to this handbook was therefore to supply in this need, but also to introduce a guideline for responsible and sustainable use of our country's basic and limited resources. Another objective was to reach a broad spectrum of readers, not only the many established growers and individuals directly involved with the industry, but also students and the general public interested in farming matters. Given the fact that South Africa is celebrating 10 years of democratic freedom, this book is also the ideal guide for the many new black farmers that have entered and that still aspire to enter the citrus farming arena.



Editors: E A de Villiers & P H Joubert
Size: A5

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The Cultivation of Citrus is suitable for citrus farmers, horticulturists, students, consultants, extension officers and anyone who is interested in the citrus industry. All important aspects of commercial citrus production are provided such as production areas, climatic and soil requirements, soil preparation, cultivars, irrigation and fertilization, insect, disease and weed control and post-harvest handling of fruit.