​Exactly how early the avocado reached South Africa is unknown. One opinion is that avoca­dos were introduced into the country through settlers coming from the West Indies and other Dutch colonies after 1652. Supporting this theory is the fact that most of the earlier species were all seedlings of the West Indian race.

There is, however, the possibility that Portuguese navigators and settlers could have traded and brought avocados in long before the Dutch set­tlers arrived. It is known that early Spanish explorers came into contact with the avocado as early as 1519, and that it is thus not impossible for Portuguese travelers who frequented the African coast, to also have had contact with this fruit, them being neighbors of the Spaniards.

One of the earliest references that could be found about avocado in South Africa was from a list of literature advertised for sale by the Department of Agriculture in the journal Farming in South Africa, August 1928.

An article in the May 1929 edition of this journal lists the avocado (Mexican types) as suitable for planting in the then Natal, currently KwaZulu-Natal. In March 1930 an article appeared on grafting of avocado trees.

This handbook is a concise body of knowledge to assist the avocado producer to maximize yields with production techniques that minimize environmental impact. It also serves as a valuable learning tool.

This book is suitable for avocado farmers, horticulturists, students, consultants, extension officers and anyone who is interested in the avocado industry.


E A de Villiers & P H Joubert

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All important aspects of commercial avocado production are provided such as production areas, climatic and soil requirements, soil preparation, propagation, cultivars, wind protection, irrigation and fertilization, pest, disease and weed control, harvesting and transport.

Other interesting information includes origin and history of the avocado and botanical aspects.

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