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The ARC-Institute for Soil, Climate and Water had modest beginnings in 1902 as the Division of Chemistry in the Transvaal Department of Agriculture. Various changes not only in name but also in focus have taken place over the years to constitute the current Institute which is still well known for its Analytical Services laboratory.

The ARC-ISCW laboratory is a member of AgriLASA Proficiency Scheme for soil, water, plant and fertilizer matrices. The laboratory is also a member of the Wepal Proficiency Scheme for Soil. The Institute is currently in the process of obtaining accreditation for the Water and Special Analysis Labs.

Please contact the Institute to request a price list:

Tel: 012 310 2500
Fax: 012 323 1157
E-mail: sotakan@arc.agric.za

Samples can be delivered to the Institute by hand, mailed or sent by courier to:

Physical address: ARC-ISCW, 600 Belvedere Street, Arcadia, 0083

Postal address: ARC-ISCW, Private Bag X79, Pretoria, 0001

​Contact Details of Project Leaders ​ ​ ​ ​

​Ms. Anna Nxumalo
Project Leader: Plant Analysis
Tel: 012 310 2613
E-mail: nxumaloa@arc.agric.za

Ms. Peggy Mputle
Project Leader: Water Analysis
Tel: 012 310 2526
E mail: mputlep@arc.agric.za

Ms. Noluthando Sotaka
Project Leader: Soil Analysis
Tel: 012 310 2610
E-mail: sotakan@arc.agric.za

Ms. Vicky Roberts
Project Leader: Soil Farmer Analysis
Tel: 012 310 2606
E-mail: vicky@arc.agric.za

Mr. Mike Philpott
Project Leader: Specialist Analysis (Organic & Biological)
Tel: 012 310 2617

E-mail: mike@arc.agric.za

Ms. Anna-Marie du Preez
Project Leader: Specialist Analysis (Inorganic)
Tel: 012 310 2529
E mail: adupreez@arc.agric.za

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