The Proteomics Research and Services Unit (jointly owned by the ARC and UWC)-, provides State-­of‐the‐Art Proteomics research and services, mostly to Agricultural and Biotechnology researchers, as well as to private companies in South Africa. This work is mostly funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the National Equipment Programme (NEP) of the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Proteomics, generally defined as the simultaneous and high throughput study of protein expression profiles, is used to monitor proteome profiles towards the understanding of molecular mechanisms associated certain biological and environmental cues.




​MALDI Imaging

Applications include:

  • Experimental Design
  • 1D & 2D SDS PAGE
  • Staining & Imaging
  • Spot picking & Identification
  • Data Analysis

Applications include:

  • Research (Microbiology)
  • Food Safety
  • Diagnostics (Animals/Plants)
  • Quality Control
  • Sanitary Certifications etc.

The MALDI Biotyper enables molecular identification, and classification of microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This application is achieved reliably and quickly using proteomic finger-printing by high-throughput MAL-DI-TOF mass spectrometry.

Applications include:

  • For Direct Imaging of Proteins, Peptides, Lipids, Metabolites and Drugs in tissues
  • This enables display of selected mass signals and their related intensities for in situ distribution and abundance of analytes within a tissue.





​Some of our tools:

  • Polymer Analysis

  • Protein Gel Imaging

  • nanoHPLC

  • 1D/2D SDS PAGE

  • MALDI Imaging

  • Protein Identification

  • Protein Extraction

  • Robotic Spot Picking

  • Metabolite Analysis

  • MALDI Bio-typing (Micro-organism Identification)

  • Protein Separation



  • Identification and profiling of abiotic stress-responsive proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana and Sorghum bicolor.

  • Analysis of sugar biosynthesis-related proteins of sorghum bicolor and investigation of their role in drought-stress tolerance

  • Evaluation of the suitability and sustainability of Sweet Sorghum for bioethanol (and other by-products) production in South Africa

  • Guayule Proteome Analysis: Towards development of a sustainable low tech-hypoallergenic latex (and by products) agroprocessing system designed for South African small-holder farmers.

  • A number of fee-for-service and cost sharing projects are on-going.


Example of a Bio-Typing process


For your PROTEOMICS and related MASS SPECTROMETRIC Research Needs please contact:

Prof. Bongani Ndimba, Proteomics Research & Services Unit, Department of Biotechnology, University of the Western Cape, Robert Sobukwe Road, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa; Tel: 021 959 2215 (2648 direct); Email: or 


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