The research of the Division is providing South African growers of both the first and second economies with improved cultivars of pome-fruit, stone-fruit,  table and raisin grapes that are easy to grow and easy to sell – whether for the fresh market, for drying or for canning. In particular, cultivars should:

  • be well adapted to mild winters and hot summers

  • need minimal pesticides to control pests and diseases

  • crop reliability (stable yield)

  • have attractive fruit with good appearance, texture and flavour (for fresh market)

  • keep well in cold storage (for fresh market)

  • look good and taste good after drying or canning (for processing)

Research Focus Areas

Breeding and  Genetics​Evaluation​​Biotechnology​


Plant Breeder’s Rights are registered in the name of ARC-Infruitec/Nietvoorbij on all cultivars released by this division. Licensing and commercialisation of new cultivars are the responsibility of our commercial collaborator which currently is Culdevco.



Stone and Pome Fruit Database

More then 300 deciduous fruit cultivars are listed in this database. The main aim of the database is to describe the most important cultivars of apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums and rootstocks' characteristics and to assist interested parties to select cultivars for their specific needs and conditions.