The activities of the Crop Protection research focus area are directed towards the implementation of integrated control programmes which will enhance yield and quaity of crops and limit the impact of pesticides on the environment. It consists of the following three research areas:

  1. Plant Pathology:

    This area provides a research and consultancy service of diseases of industrial crops. Research in plant pathology is directed towards the effects of viruses, bacteria and fungi on crop production. Plant breeders are also assisted by developing and applying techniques to screen breeding lines for disease resistance.

  2. Nematology:

    In the growing absence of chemical control for nematodes, an integrated nematode research control strategy is followed with the accent on biological control. In conjunction with the plant breeders, tobacco breeding lines, with possible resistance to Meloidogyne spp. are screened.

  3. Entomology:

    This area directs its research towards the establishment of integrated pest management which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.