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Development of electronic equipment
for testing of planters.

Preparation of land for a
vegetable garden.

Cassava harvesting during a farmers day at Venda.png
Cassava harvesting during a
farmers' day at Venda [

To improve the sustainability of crop production through effective and efficient mechanisation implements, equipment and systems and to develop and evaluate electronic equipment which complement and improve agricultural research and progress.


  • Research and development in crop ​production mechanisation systems.

  • Mechanisation planning.

  • Development of electronic equipment and systems for the agricultural environment.

  • Performance testing and evaluation of agricultural tractors and associated implements and equipment.

  • Development and application of precision farming systems.

  • Training on implements and equipment.

(See publication list for publications on plant production mechanisation.)

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Sprayer calibration
and application.
Training on mechanisation
implements and equipment.
Drawbar power tests