This program focuses on the nutrition of:

  • Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats)
  • Large Ruminants (Dairy and Beef Cattle)
  • Forage preservation (Silage)
  • Game

Nutrition research focuses on:

  • Development of conventional and unconventional feeding systems.
  • Investigating the effective use of conventional and alternative feed sources (Picture 5).
  • Evaluation of feed additives that support efficiency and health.
  • Compositional analysis and interpretation of feed and feedstuff
  • Study of nutritional requirements (Picture 4)
  • Optimization of feed intake and digestive efficiency.
  • Support to feed regulations and policy development.
  • Development of rural farmers through research support and infrastructure development (Picture 1 & 2)
  • Models of animal nutrition
  • Evaluation of silage inoculants to improve nutritional quality of preserved forages
  • Preservation of forages

The developed knowledge base is also used for:

  • Technology transfer, i.e. presenting at courses, farmers days, training of students from tertiary institutions, farmers. Development of manuals, books and leaflets for Department Agriculture Forestry and Fishery  (DAFF), Provincial Department of Agriculture and farmers (Picture 3)
  • Formulating of rations for livestock of farmers
  • Mentorship to emerging farmers
  • Taking part in industry group and tertiary education meetings (i.e. AFMA, TUT)
  • Refereeing of articles for scientific journals


Picture 1 Sales pens in Kwa Percy


Picture 2 Farmers in Elliot


Picture 3. Extension officers in Vryburg


Picture 4 Investigating nutrient requirements


Picture 5 Processing of alternative feed sources (cabbage)