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The first application of BLUP in pig genetic evaluation procedures was in Canada in 1985. Since then there has been continuous support and application of this technology almost across the world. Groeneveld and Kovac (1990) developed a computer programme (PEST) in the USA, which is used to estimate breeding values, using different BLUP models. The breeding values of all centrally performance tested pigs in South Africa are estimated once a week using the pest computer programme.

Pig BLUP was developed by scientists of the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW in Australia in collaboration with scientists at the University of Goettingen, Germany. In 1993 the ARC – Irene obtained the license for the execution of PIG BLUP in the South African pig stud industry. PIG BLUP is a within herd genetic evaluation programme.

Traits tested :

Central testing (PEST)

  • Test daily gain
  • Feed conversation ratio
  • Percentage drip free lean meat
  • Rand value index

On farm testing (PIG BLUP)

  • Lifetime gain
  • Test period daily gain
  • Back fat thickness (T2/3)
  • Feed conversion ration
  • Numbers born alive
  • Litter weight at 21 days
  • Rand value index

Schedule of genetic evaluations

  • Herd profiles are prepared annually during the month of March for all participating herds
  • Default EBV lists are send during April and September to the breeders
  • Additional BLUP runs are available on request (Weekly, monthly or quarterly)

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