​​The Meat Industry Center (MIC) is a Centre of Excellence responsible for research, technology development and technology transfer to improve the efficiency, quality and safety of meat produced in Southern Africa. Furthermore, we present short courses and train farmers. The Meat Science Technology (MST) Unit consists of four sections that interact and network closely together to form a formidable Meat Science Team.

  1. Abattoir​: A registered D15 experimental abattoir with a qualified slaughter and deboning team.

  2. Meat Biochemistry and Physiology​: Equipped with proteomics, biochemistry and histology laboratories.

  3. Meat Technology​: Product development, meat safety, production of processed meat products and training facilities.

  4. Gastro Intestinal Microbiology and BiotechnologyIdentification and preservation of useful microorganisms and their use in probiotics.

Collaboration with inter- and intra-ARC Campus Units allows us to cover the effect of farm-to-fork procedures in our research and enable professional consultation to our clients on best practices pre- and post-slaughter to achieve best quality in beef, pork, mutton, chevon and poultry as well as animal welfare. 

Our MIC team consists of dedicated, well-trained and experienced scientists, technicians and support personnel, backed by competent meat processing, biochemical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.

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