​​The Meat Technology section is involved in product development and chemical stability of food, with a special interest in the quality and safety of meat and meat products and their implications to the consumer. Previous work included the research leading to the latest legislation on the inclusion of brine in frozen chicken, and the review of the current South African Beef Carcass Classification System. Current focus is on the utilisation of the fifth quarter meats (intestines, organs, blood, etc.) in processed meat products.

The Meat Technology Section has a well-developed pilot facility within the ARC-AP (Irene), used for the production of a variety of processed meat products such as:

  • Fresh  and dried meat products;

  • Emulsified meat products;

  • Cured meat products; and

  • Smoked meat products.

Professional services offered:

  • Consultation - rendering services and information on meat processing related topics to clients.

  • Liaise with clients on new product development with specific formulations on beef, lamb/mutton, goat meat and poultry.

  • Technology transfer - Training of smallholder farmers, students and entrepreneurs in product production and value adding.

  • Produce and sale processed meat products.

  • Students programmes (WIL- Work Integrated Learning) .

  • Academic collaborations in research projects.


For more information contact:

​Dr Ennet Moholisa

Tel: + 27 (0)12 672 9324

ARC-Animal Production, Private Bag X2, IRENE, 0062

E-mail: MoholisaE1@arc.agric.za


Ms Magdeline Magoro

Tel:  + 27 (0)12 672 9336

ARC-Animal Production, Private Bag X2, IRENE, 0062

E-mail: magdeline@arc.agric.za


Ms Jane Boikhutso

Tel:  + 27 (0)12 672 9331

ARC-Animal Production, Private Bag X2, IRENE, 0062

E-mail: Jane@arc.agric.za