​​The Meat Industry Centre​ is equipped with a D15 experimental research abattoir w​ith deboning and processing facilities that accommodates research projects developing techniques or procedures that could otherwise not be performed in normal commercial abattoirs. The re​gistered Animal Production Abattoir provides a controlled environment for researchers to standardise procedure​s.  We slaughter and debone cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and can facilitate any project where slaughter, deboning and sampling of the carcass is involved. The abattoir has a fully qualified abattoir and deboning team with an average of 20 years of experience. The abattoir is operated as a business whereby surplus meat from research projects is sold at the ARC-​AP shop for ARC staff.​

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The abattoir offers:

  1. Controlled slaughter conditions;​

  2. Sample collection during slaughter;

  3. Training and demonstrations; and

  4. Consultation services on practices affecting meat quality.


  1. Researchers;

  2. Students; and

  3. Farmers and extension officers.​​

Deboning facility
Small stock slaughter (pigs)
Abbatoir3-SM.jpg Large stock slaughter facilities​
Small stock slaughter facilities

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