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Fresh water aquaculture is an important source of food, income, employment, and recreation. The sector contributes to economic development and food security in South Africa (Emmanuel et al, 2014). For decades aquaculture has been widely recognised globally as the fastest-growing food production sector with a growth of 7.5% an​nually since 1994. Its contribution to the South African economy grew by 10.7% per annum over the same period. Also, a DAFF (2019) report has estimated that a revenue of R38m is expected to be contributed by aquaculture in South African economy, with 15 000 people to benefit from direct and full-time ​employment.​

Most small-scale commercial farmers are not profitable in South Africa, with poor management practices identified as a major constraint (Taylor, 2022). As a result of poor management practices, fish farmers are losing about 70% of their profit. Maintaining a good culture environment through use of proper management practices reduces the risk of disease, increase production, fish quality, and marketability. Therefore, it is essential to implement and follow good aquaculture management practices to ensure quality and quantity yield. The major management practices necessary for effective production includes fish stocking density, feeding, water quality control, diseases control and record keeping. Good management practices in aquaculture maximises the environmental and economic sustainability, product quality and safety, animal health, and worker safety, while also strengthening biosecurity associated with the farmed species, and minimising the likelihood of a disease outbreak on fish farms. 

Hence, the development of the Aquaculture Production App will assist in achieving best management practices of an aquaculture venture.  This will allow farmers to adjust appropriately for individual situations and conditions for factors such as production species, systems used, location, and even potential markets. Therefore, the development of the Aquaculture Production Mobile App will ease the conveying of production concepts or practices for best management in aquaculture, and improve the farmer's return of investment. 

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