​Our Student Exchange Programme  makes funding available to selected graduates  and post graduates to obtain qualifications based on agricultural research in collaboration with embassies for  an international  exposure on scares and critical skills in the country. As part of their temporary employment. by combining theory and practical work, the programme boosts research output and capacity in the country.


If you are a BSc (Hons) graduate wanting to study full-time at  both local and  international  university towards your Master's or doctorate, you could qualify for an ARC Student Exchange Programme depending on available  intake and agreements.

Your qualifications must be in line with the ARC's scarce skills, emerging research or core research focal areas in agricultural research, science, engineering and technology. At the end you may get dual qualification.


Student exchange  opportunities are advertised throughout the year.  Click HE​RE to find out if there are any vacancies available at present.​


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