​The ARC Internship Programme offers new graduates 12 months of working experience in a research and development, technology transfer, support and commercial  environment. The internship are offered by ARC in collaboration with AgriSeta, Saasta, DST, NRF and DAFF.

Internships are offered throughout the ARC, across the spectrum in various fields of expertise. The main objective of the internship programme is to afford new graduates or young people studying towards achieving qualification an opportunity to apply their knowledge  and develop  skills needed in the market through  exposure in their relevant  fields  and under the guidance of more experienced professionals.


New graduates in the science, engineering, technology or commerce fields who are interested in gaining work experience are invited to apply. Mentorship opportunities as well as vacation work are also offered by the  programme and placement on permanent employment as junior researcher, practitioner or professional where possible.


Internship opportunities are advertised throughout the year.  Click HE​RE to find out if there are any vacancies available at present.​


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