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The purpose of ARC HCD Strategy is to provide for:

  • Integrated talent management and high performance culture for competitiveness and sustainability

  • Accelerated joint appointments with academic institutions and research organizations

  • Expand the Professional Development Programme for knowledge management, skills transfer and youth development.

  • Encourage academic research and development collaboration initiatives

  • Organizational design, development, change management culture and systems for efficiency and effectiveness

Our objective is to integrate talented people into our  systems, management team and develop capable managers who can deliver on business strategy. We seek to apply best-people practices within our organization.

Skills Development and Employment Equity Compliance

Training is strategically planned by means of our Workplace Skills Plan (which is aligned to our Sector Skills Plan and National Skills Development Strategy). This in turn is aligned to our organizational goals and objectives.


ARC  continues to strive and to comply with The Employment Equity Act, which lays out our succession planning across all occupational groups in our organization also based on scares and critical skills in the country and in addressing previous disparities

Quality Education and Training Through  Our Training  and Advisory Services

excellence.jpgARC  has an integrated quality management system to monitor the quality of education, training and development within ARC  as a results all of our facilitators, coaches, mentors, assessors and moderators who are trained to national qualification standards, are accredited by relevant partners.  They in turn offer off-the-shelve education and training courses and researched based material and information to our small holds and commercial farmers including government  entities and communities through our Training and Advisory  Unit in the Technology Transfer Division.

​Our Passion for Excellence in Research and Development

ARC is passionate about  creating a unique experience for staff  to realize their potential, a platform where smart minds can find the support, interaction and knowledge to help them shine even brighter. Joining the ARC is a lifetime  investment in personal growth, as we are committed to the continued  professional development of our people.

If  you are passionate about  natural science, research and development and agricultural engineering  and technology transfer ARC  may be the right employer for you?

  • At the ARC you'll find a corporate  culture committed to developing, rewarding and recognizing staff.

  • Has staff complement of more than 2 000— include some of the top technical and scientific researchers  in the country and continent.

  • ARC is about authentic leadership with integrity, collaboration, innovation, transformation and excellence,

  • Other support services include  wellness, stress management, relationship and trauma counseling. 


If  you are passionate about  natural science, research and development

and agricultural engineering ARC may be the right employer for you?