The ARC-BTP operates three next generation illumina sequencers, a HiSeq2500 and two MiSeq systems. Different sample preparation protocols are available for NGS library preparations, depending on the type of samples and/or the application. This is an area that gets regularly updated and the facility keeps abreast with these. The best approach with the current available technologies will be determined during initial discussion with clients. For more information, visit here.


  • Whole genome DNA sequencing

  • 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing

  • Whole genome DNA re-sequencing

  • RNA sequencing

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RNA Sequencing Services:

RNA-seq allows researchers to detect both known and novel features in a single assay, enabling the detection of gene fusions, single nucleotide variants and allele-specific gene expression without requiring prior knowledge.

RNA-seq is the gold standard for mapping transcriptomes, profiling changes in splicing and measuring gene expression levels.



  • Total RNA (Ribozero) sequencing

  • mRNA and small RNA sequencing

  • Ultra low input RNA sequencing

  • High throught (RNAtag) sequencing

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