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Core activities
Small GrainPlant breedingWheat

​* Pre-basic and basic seed multiplication and certification 307 3430Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainQuality controlWheat

​* Wheat Quality Laboratory 307 3414Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPlant breedingWheat

​* Spring wheat breeding (rainfed spring agrotype) 809 3554Stellenbosch
Small GrainPlant breedingWheat

​* Winter wheat breeding (dryland) 307 3473Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPests and DiseasesWheat

​* Insect monitoring, insect surveys & biotype screening 307 3431Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPlant improvementWheat

​* Wheat pre-breeding. 307 3433Stellenbosch
Small GrainPests and DiseasesWheat

​* Russian wheat aphid resistance evaluation. 307 3433Stellenbosch
Small GrainMolecular biologyWheat & barley

​* Marker assisted selection, molecular biology 307 3416Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPests and DiseasesWheat & barley

​* Monitor moth and aphid flight patterns & forecasting outbreaks;
* Early warning & modelling insect populations. 809 3559Stellenbosch
Small GrainCultivar DevelopmentWheat & oats

​* Oats performance & wheat cultivar evaluation. 809 3552Stellenbosch
Small GrainSoil ScienceWheat, oats & barley

​* Soil Laboratory, soil tillage, soil cultivation & conservation agriculture 307 3501Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainGermplasmWheat, oats & barley

​* Germplasm collection & mutation breeding. 307 3473Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPests and DiseasesWheat, oats & barley

​* Fusarium Head Blight & Karnal Bunt. 307 3434Bethlehem, Free-State
Small GrainPests and DiseasesWheat, oats & barley

​* Rust diseases (stem, leaf and stripe rust) 307 3440Bethlehem, Free-State