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Core activities
Agricultural EngineeringPublic Relations OfficerEnquiries

​Public Relations 842 4017Silverton, Pretoria
Agricultural EngineeringIrrigationEquipment and systems

* Irrigation practices and techniques;
* Development, testing and evaluation of irrigation equipment;
* In-field evaluations of performance of irrigation systems;
* Improvement of existing designs, practices and
  established irrigation methods;
* Soil and water conservation structures and systems;
* Silt fences to combat erosion. 842 4009Silverton, Pretoria
Agricultural EngineeringRenewable energyEquipment and systems

* Renewable energy facilities, equipment and systems;
* Biogas, wind/hydro power and solar systems;
* Methane potential testing sytems. 842 4044Silverton, Pretoria
Agricultural EngineeringAgricultural Structures and FacilitiesEquipment and systems

* Appropriate animal production facilities, equipment and systems;
* Farm structures, facilities and equipment;
* Climate controlled structures and facilities. 842 4066Silverton, Pretoria
Agricultural EngineeringPost-harvest/Agro-processingEquipment and systems

​* Evaluation, development and design of product processing &
  value-adding equipment, facilities and systems;
* Engineering design and advice on post-harvest aspects
  (storage, cooling, drying and handling facilities). 842 4048Silverton, Pretoria
Agricultural EngineeringMechanisation and Precision AgricultureEquipment and systems

​* Specialised electronic units to assist researchers in achieving their goals;
* Electronic equipment and systems for the agricultural environment;
* Precision farming electronic equipment utilization possibilities;
* Essential oils testing systems. 842 4090Silverton, Pretoria