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Growing groundnuts aflatoxin-free.pdf
3/1/2021 9:03 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Current status of wheat stem rust race Ug99 in South Africa.pdf
3/1/2021 8:57 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
ARC-Small Grain presents - Usutu and Selons.pdf
3/1/2021 8:04 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
New publication released at ARC - Processing of Oil Seeds by Theresa Siebert.pdf
2/23/2021 1:01 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Bridging the knowledge gap - new insights published on optimal honeybush harvesting.pdf
2/18/2021 1:44 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Nematodes used to reflect seasonal changes in a protected grassland habitat.pdf
2/9/2021 11:03 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Chemical weed control principles every farmer should know.pdf
2/8/2021 8:48 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The stem borer complex of South Africa.pdf
2/8/2021 8:45 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
ARC food gardens project aims to address food security in urban areas of South Africa.pdf
2/8/2021 7:35 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
ARC research on peatlands aligns with theme of World Wetlands Day 2021.pdf
2/1/2021 3:12 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
New pamphlet takes stock of some honeybush diseases.pdf
1/29/2021 9:51 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Pretty ugly in pink.pdf
1/26/2021 11:23 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Wheat blast disease detected in Southern Africa.pdf
1/12/2021 2:16 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The hidden role of water on earth.pdf
1/7/2021 9:21 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Pigeon Pea - a potential crop for food and health security.pdf
12/15/2020 2:55 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Lentils - a possible alternative food crop of the future.pdf
12/15/2020 2:40 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Stellenbosch doctoral student hits honeybush tea's sweet spot.pdf
12/14/2020 2:12 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Food Label Study lands PhD Student Top Honours at Symposium.pdf
12/11/2020 1:26 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Nursery owners hone their skills.pdf
12/8/2020 10:06 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Leaf rust races recently detected on wheat in Zimbabwe and potential implications for Souh Africa.pdf
12/7/2020 9:08 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Research for cheaper and more eco-friendly pest control products.pdf
12/7/2020 9:02 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Russian wheat aphid - Sustainable solutions to fight resistance.pdf
12/7/2020 8:12 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Understanding Dairy - Benefits and Products.pdf
11/30/2020 2:54 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Africa's 20 most influential Plant Breeders of 2020.pdf
11/30/2020 1:56 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Detection of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) using RT-qPCR assay at ARC–PHP.pdf
11/23/2020 12:20 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Stress release for soil.pdf
11/19/2020 9:45 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
26 Cultivars evaluated in 2019-2020 trials.pdf
11/9/2020 12:39 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Classification of browning on Regal Seedless, using near-infrared spectroscopy.pdf
11/4/2020 11:48 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Micro-irrigation - Technology for efficient water application.pdf
10/30/2020 11:05 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Foliar fungicide spray regimes handy tool to fight maize ear rots.pdf
10/30/2020 10:54 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
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