• Inyosi Honey™

A marketing platform is in place for the exclusive (but optional) use of the beneficiaries of the Beekeeping Development Program. The key element is the INYOSI HONEY™ brand. The necessary trademark registration applications have been filed and provisionally approved to secure exclusive commercial rights to the phrase "inyosi honey" and various other elements of the INYOSI HONEY™ brand. These exclusive rights extend not only to honey, but also to other commercial activities relating to the beekeeping industry. All products marketed under the INYOSI HONEY™ brand are accredited as "Proudly South African", and may carry the "Proudly South African" logo. INYOSI HONEY™ products are currently the only hive products accredited as "Proudly South African".

  • Proudly South African accredited

The Proudly South African campaign sensitises South Africans to buy products produced in South Africa by South Africans.

This is in line with Mr Mbeki's presidential imperatives. Inyosi Honey™ is the only honey produced in South Africa that carry this logo.


  • Candle making

Beeswax candles are expensive, sought after and very rare. Beekeepers get the chance to add value to hive products by producing beautiful candles.

Beadwork produced by beekeepers from the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal



Ms Elize Lundall-Magnuson

Campus: Roodeplaat (West)

E-mail: lundallme@arc.agric.za