Dolichodorus miradvulvus

Globadera rostochiensis

Helicotylenchus curatus

Ogma palmatum

The National Collection of Nematodes is the largest nematode reference collection in Africa and compares well with other important international collections. The collection of fully digitised and contain 7209 type specimens.

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National Collection of Nematodes (NCN)

​This collection was established in 1961 and consists of 50 550 microscope slides containing 178 600 preserved plant, free-living and entomopathogenic nematodes. Seven thousand, one hundred type specimens are deposited in the collection.

Meloidogyne Collection

The collection was established in 1981, and consists of 14 750 slide-mounted specimens from various countries.

Juan Heyns Collection

An important acquisition was the Juan Heyns nematode collection that was donated by the late Prof J Heyns of the Rand Afrikaans University to the unit in 1999. This comprehensive collection contains 7 300 slides, representing about 21 900 specimens of plant as well as free-living and aquatic nematodes.