Onderstepoort maintains a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operation and we continuous aim to satisfy our customers in all services we deliver as outlined in Quality Policy Statement. Our staff performs laboratory procedures in accordance with the best scientific principles. We are committed to implement the most appropriate international standard in all areas of our work.

Currently five laboratories are accredited according to the ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2005, i.e.

  1. Bacteriology and Zoonotic Diseases

  2. Biotechnology PCR and Virology

  3. Residue Laboratory

  4. Toxicology

  5. Parasitology

This Standard represents the basic requirements for a Quality Management system but adds additional technical requirements to demonstrate competence in testing activities. The ARC-Onderstepoort has close collaborative links with research institutes, universities and commercial companies and acts as a reference laboratory for a wide range of infectious and non-infectious diseases in animals, i.e.. UN Food and Agriculture Organization Collaborating Centre for: Emergency preparedness for transboundary animal diseases for Africa and also for Helminth anthelmintic resistance and biological control for Africa.

FAO Reference centre for:

  1. Foot-and mouth disease (FMD) for Africa (Regional)

  2. Bluetongue for Africa (Regional)

  3. African Swine fever for Africa (Regional)

  4. Haemorrhagic disease for Africa (Regional)

  5. Arthropod transmitted viral diseases for Eastern Africa

  6. Arthropod transmitted viral diseases for Southern Africa

World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Collaborating Centre for:
Surveillance and Control of Animal Diseases in Africa Reference laboratory for:

  1. African Horse Sickness

  2. African Swine fever

  3. Bluetongue

  4. Lumpy skin disease

  5. Rift Valley fever Rabies

  6. Foot and mouth disease

  7. Rabies