Research Team Manager (acting): Dr Mirinda van Kleef


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Vaccination has, over the years, proven to be an eminently successful means of controlling animal disease. Despite successes in controlling and stamping out of diseases, traditional veterinary vaccines do not always protect efficiently, are often expensive to produce or their effective use may require involved and often impractical immunisation schedules. This research programme attempts where possible to use a rational approach based on a fundamental knowledge of the target’s interactions with the immune system to develop a new generation of veterinary vaccines based not on the whole organism, but on its antigenically important components. Although its main focus is now on novel vaccine development, the programme also plays an important role in identifying and developing new immunoassays reagents and methods; since antigenicity is operationally defined by an interaction with the immune system, the search for vaccine targets can often identify antigens or epitopes that might also be useful as diagnostic targets. The Programme’s outputs are provided by the collective activities of a number of individual units or laboratories, each of which has its own research agenda.

Focus Areas