Crop Protection involves the activities of two units, namely the Pest Management unit and the Disease Management unit.

The Institute strongly supports an integrated program to control pests (IPM) on tropical and subtropical crops. The emphasis is on biological control and a reduction in the use of toxic pesticides, to promote a more sustainable, environment friendly approach of pest management.

During recent years, unprecedented successes were achieved with the integrated and biological control of mango scale, citrus red scale, spiny blackfly on citrus, banana weevil and nematodes on bananas, white coffee stemborer, false codling moth on avocado (Photo 1) and nut borers on macadamia (Photo 2 – 6).

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Photo 1: False codling moth damage on avocadoPhoto 2: False codling moth larva Photo 3: Fruit fly larvae in Mango Photo 4: Litchi moth damage on Litchi Photo 5: Mango weevil larvae Photo 6: Gall fly damage on Mango leaves