Coffee is indigenous to the highlands of Ethiopia and the Boma plateau in the Sudan. In both these areas coffee trees occur naturally at 1 300 - 1 800 metres above sea level. Today coffee is grown in some 80 countries in the world, e.g. South and Central America (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador), Africa (Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam).



Total area under coffee            =          ± 200 hectare

Total production                      =          3 500 (60 Kg bags)

Production per hectare            =          2 tonnes

Areas in South Africa where coffee is planted are in the following provinces:

Mpumalanga:                                      Hazyview and Barberton

Limpopo:                                             Bushbuck Ridge

Eastern Province:                                East London

KwaZulu-Natal:                                   South and North Coast



The total world production of green coffee beans was 7.87 m tons in 2011. Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Vietnam are the major production countries, being responsible for more than 60.6 % of the world's coffee exports.


The 2011 production of coffee in these countries were:

Brazil                                                       =          2 609 040 tons

Colombia                                                =             468 000 tons

Vietnam                                                  =          1 200 000 tons

Indonesia                                                =              495 000 tons

The 2011 production of coffee in the top four (4) African countries were:

Ethiopia                                                  =             390 000 tons

Uganda                                                  =             192 720 tons

Ivory Coast                                             =                96 000 tons

Democratic Republic of the Congo       =                63 360 tons

The 2011 production of coffee in the top four (4) SADC countries were:

Democratic Republic of the Congo      =                63 360 tons

Angola                                                  =                 1 740 tons

Malawi                                                  =                 1 260 tons

Zambia                                                 =                   780 tons



Due to its outstanding taste, Arabica coffee is mainly used for the filter coffee market. Robusta c​offee, Coffea canephora, is used for the instant coffee market. It has a neutral taste and is blended with chicory.

Production Guidelines for Coffee

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