• Micro-propagation of plant material.

  • Plant breeding.

  • Soil tillage in perennial crops, including cover crop management and weed control.

  • Diagnostic and advisory services for grapevine, fruit, herbal tea, fynbos diseases and pests.

  • DNA fingerprinting of plants and wine yeasts.

  • Computerised database of (ARC) deciduous stone and pome fruit cultivars.

  • Grapevine bud fertility and bud mite counts.

  • Wine microbiology services: yeast and bacteria counts, malolactic fermentation status, yeast identification, mass loss trials and sensory analysis.

  • Evaluation of the effect of agro-chemicals on wine fermentation before registration.

  • Proteomics (protein expression profiles).

  • Bio-Typing (molecular identification, and classification of micro-organisms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi).

  • MALDI Imaging (direct imaging of proteins, peptides, lipids, metabolites and drugs in tissues).

  • On-farm and telephonic consultations.

  • Training emerging and smallholder farmers in deciduous fruit production and basic business skills.

Our researchers and technicians are always willing to assist.

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