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The “SOUTH AFRICAN & ITALIAN WINE RESEARCH INNOVATIONS: CURRENT STATUS & FUTURE PROSPECTS” workshop is organized with the aim of strengthening the bilateral collaboration between Italy and South Africa on wine research, a core business for both countries. The workshop will boost sharing of knowledge and best practices to pursue new collaborations based on common interests and priorities.

The participation of South African and Italian researchers from several Institutions and Universities as well as entrepreneurs working in the wine-producing sector will offer the opportunity to share up-to-date scientific knowledge and technical skills in the areas of viticulture and oenology.

The scientific program is articulated into several sessions:

  • The opening session is devoted to “Climate change and effects in the vine” and will address and discuss issues related to the undergoing global warming such as sustainable agronomic techniques, precision vineyard practices and the frontiers in grapevine disease management.

  • The second session on “Sustainability in wine production” will present innovations in winemaking technologies, processes and products, and explore the contribution of genomics to the sector.

  • A third session on Clustering, networking and cooperation opportunities in the wine sector” will focus on international research cooperation and public-private cooperation, presenting case studies and experiences developed in Italy and South Africa.

The discussions that will take place during the workshop will serve as the starting point for developing common strategies and for turning into opportunities the challenges affecting the wine sector, with the aim of boosting the sustainability, competitiveness and economic viability of wine production in the two countries.

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