Agricultural Infrastructure EngineeringAgro-Processing Mechanization and Precision AgriculturePrecision Agriculture and AutomationRenewable Energy

To improve equipment, infrastructure and systems for the sustainable utilization and  development of soil and water resources for agricultural production.


  • Research on irrigation practices and techniques

  • Development, testing and evaluation of irrigation equipment in world class laboratories

  • In-field evaluations of performance of irrigation systems e.g. mobile irrigation testing unit

  • Improvement of existing designs, practices and established irrigation methods

  • Development and design of soil and water conservation structures and systems

  • Training (theoretical and practical)

  • Silt fences to combat erosion

(See publication list for publications on irrigation and drainage engineering)

Treadle pump for small-scale irrigation

In-field evaluation of irrigation equipment

A gabion structure to combat erosion

Dripper test bench

Silt fence


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