This Unit is responsible for Research and Development in the fields of fresh and processed animal products, food safety and human nutrition in the context of food security and consumer support. The service follows a value-chain approach in protection of the consumer against hazards in the food chain, providing quality products and, in association, work towards food security for those in need. The approach, furthermore, emphasizes sustainability of production and value-adding enterprises through environment-friendly methods and techniques. The vision of the Unit follows from this philosophy:

“To render a cost-effective and indispensable science and technology service towards sustainable and environment-friendly production of primary and processed animal products in South and southern Africa”





The unit over years have attained excellence in meat and dairy science, gastro-intestinal microbiology, chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis of foods. Programmes concentrate on:

  • pre- and post-slaughter techniques and procedures to ensure animal welfare and enhance the quality of the product (e.g. meat tenderness)

  • safety and hygiene in feed and food production lines, including Chemical and Microbiological analysis

  • extension of shelf life and acceptability of foods

  • new and novel products to penetrate markets and promote consumer health

  • support of the food industry with sensory appraisal of foods and food composition information

  • support the food industry with nutritional analyses

  • use of microbial strains and species to develop health protecting and immune-stimulating additives and supplements (e.g. biotherapeutics to prevent diarrhea and support HIV and cancer patients)

Publications in peer-reviewed or refereed journals & books and/or chapters in books