The Sensory Analysis Unit of the Agricultural Research Council has a twenty-year track record of analysing foods for sensory evaluations and chemical content. Its sensory research facilities are constructed according the ASTM design guidelines for sensory facilities with all the elements necessary for an efficient sensory program. The facilities include 15 temperature controlled tasting booths (red light available) plus a well-equipped laboratory on par with similar research institutes world-wide. The trained sensory panel are made of people from the local community who are not employees of the ARC. All panel members have been submitted to basic sensory training and were selected on the basis of sensory acuity, availability and motivation. Consumer research is also conducted on a regular basis.

Food Science and Technology

Product safety and quality

Food composition

Gastrointestinal technology


SensoryAnalysis.pngThe Sensory Analysis Unit performs sensory evaluation on all food and beverage products and offers the following services:

  • Quantitative Descriptive Analysis by making use of a trained sensory panel

  • Consumer sensory evaluation

  • Shelf life stability tests

  • Comparative product analysis

  • Statistical interpretation of results

  • Consultations

The following training courses and workshops are presented to clients and organizations in the food industry:

  • Introductory Sensory Analysis Workshop

  • In-house Quality Assurance Training

For more information contact:

Ina van Heerden; Tel: +27 (0) 12 672-9212; Fax: +27 (0) 12 665-1551; E-mail: