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Graduation Ceremony Presentation at University of Mpumalanga. 14 May 2016.pdf
GCARD3 Outcomes Statement.pdf

24 Oct - 4 Nov 2016, Catalysing vibrant rural economies.pdf24 Oct - 4 Nov 2016, Catalysing vibrant rural economies

UMLINDI, Issue 2016-05, 16 May 2016.pdf
SAPIA NEWS No 40, April 2016.pdf
PPRI Newsletter, No 106, Oct-Dec 2015.pdf
ARC Annual Milk Cattle Bulletin, December 2015.pdf
Annual Beef Bulletin 2015.pdf

Potential of perennial sorghum under the microscope.pdf
Did irrigation wheat beat the heat in 2015.pdf
Budget vote speech by Minister Hon. Senzeni Zokwana (MP) as at 21 April 2016.pdf
Agricultural Research Council celebrates Earth Day 2016, remains focused on Climate Smart Agricultural Research.pdf
SA exports increased by almost R10 bln.pdf
South African fruit industry gets boost from Indonesian decision.pdf
Focusing on Future of Food - What’s Next for Global Agricultural Research.pdf

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