Dr Farai Muchadeyi
Senior Manager ARC-BTP

+27 (0)12 529 9352
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Dr Muchadeyi's research interests are in the characterization, sustainable utilization and conservation of livestock genetic resources. Her current ongoing research involves the application of genomics and population genetic tools in inferring on genetic diversity, identifying adaptive features associated with livestock species from marginalized farming environments and investigating how the genetic adaptation can be harnessed in mainstream commercial agriculture. Her other projects involve the unravelling of the causal mutations of genetic disorders and the inclusion of molecular genetic marker information in selection programs. She currently heads the Animal Genetics and Genomics research group at the Biotechnology Platform (ARC) managing various projects on livestock and wildlife genomics.


Lerato Mpye
Project Co-coordinator ARC-BTP

Email: MpyeL@arc.agric.za
Phone: +27 (0)12 529 9121

Mrs Mpye has been coordinating ARC-BTP projects since 2011. She administrates HR, finance and BTP students’ related matters.


Dr Dirk Swanevelder
Senior Researcher

Email: SwanevelderD@arc.agric.za
Phone: +27 (0)12 529 9472

Dr Swanevelder works on various genomics projects of agricultural interests. His research team focuses on sunflower breeding, genetics, genomics and genetic engineering for yield, oil quality, and other traits, for specific applications such as biofuel production and processing. His other interests relate to the functional genomics of industrial and agricultural important microbes and their application, as well as high-throughput barcoding approaches for plant-pollinator interactions studies. He is a Research Fellow at UNISA's College for Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.


Dr Genevieve Thompson
Senior Researcher

Email: ThompsonG@arc.agric.za
Phone: +27 (0)12 529 9227
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Genevieve is a genomics specialist and biodiversity scientist with research experience in next generation sequencing, population genetics, phylogenetics and species distribution modeling. Dr Thompson has a PhD in population genetics from Stellenbosch University and the Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology. Her post-doctoral experience spans three institutes: the South African Environmental Observation Network’s Fynbos Node, where she developed a mega-phylogeny for South African flora; the National Zoological Gardens where she worked on wild life conservation genetics; and most recently the ARC Biotechnology Platform where she worked on Sorghum genomics for biofuel production.


Dr Rian Pierneef

Email: PierneefR@arc.agric.za
Phone: +27 (0)12 529 9356
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My research interest is currently based on prokaryotes in the agricultural environment. I am a bio-informatics scientist by training and specialize in biological data analysis. I am currently a Researcher at the ARC-Biotechnology Platform.

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