The operations of the Livestock business division consist of two business sections:

The Animal Health and Animal Production.section of the Livestock business division was developed out of a process of rationalising and restructuring the animal science institutes at Irene (the Animal Improvement Institute and the Animal Nutrition and Animal Products Institute) and the Range and Forage Institute at Roodeplaat.


The Animal Health section is the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (OVI)

This section is involved in:

    • executing veterinary research to improve existing vaccines, diagnostic products and to develop new ones
    • diagnostic services for enhanced disease prevention, control and surveillance (which plays a significant role in maintaining the required animal health status and trade in animals and animal products in South Africa and the region)
    • producing foot and mouth disease and blood vaccines


ARC-Animal Production

The focus is on:

    • developing technologies to improve the quality of animals and developing genetic and physiological methods to identify and study superior livestock breeding material in order to improve the efficiency and production of the national herd
    • promoting animal production through improved nutrition (research is conducted on beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry to enhance the quality of meat and dairy products); and
    • holistic and integrated land-use strategies, and sustainable livestock and rangeland management systems (with research on vegetation, rehabilitation ecology, pasture agronomy and vegetation biology)