A new Council has been appointed by the Minister on the 1st of July 2020 to assume responsibilities.  The skills and expertise of our new Council members is predominantly in the agricultural sciences, but includes governance, audit, legal and financial matters. The new Council is comprised of the following members:

SM-Ms Joyene Isaacs.jpg
Ms Joyene Isaacs - Chairperson
SM-Prof Phatu  Mashela.jpg
Prof Phatu Mashela

SM-Prof Raymond Auerbach.jpg 
Prof Raymond Auerbach
​ ​ ​
SM-Dr KonananiLiphadzi.jpgDr Konanani LiphadziSM-Dr Steven Cornelius.jpgDr Steven CorneliusSM-Dr Naudé Malan.jpgDr Naudé Malan
​ ​ ​
SM-Dr Saskia van Oosterhout.jpg
Dr Saskia van Oosterhout
SM-Dr Poncho Mokaila.jpg 
Dr Poncho Mokaila
SM-Mr Goodman Gcaba.jpgMr Goodman Gcaba
​ ​ ​
SM-Ms Nalini Maharaj.jpg
Ms Nalini Maharaj

Dr Monodowafa Mashaba
Prof Nic Olivier

Open notice of the Dr Mnqobi Edwin Ngidi's Demise

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