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Land tenure system *
Water sources *
Fenced grazing camps with water sources *
Do you keep cattle? If so, provide the amount in the open field below Yes or No buttons *
Do you keep sheep? If so, provide the amount in the open field below Yes or No buttons *
Do you keep goats? If so, provide the amount in the open field below Yes or No buttons *
Reason for keeping/owning livestock *
Are your animals identified *
How are your animals identified? If you select "other" please specify in the open field below. *
If your animals are not identified, why not?

Apart from natural grazing do you usually provide your animals with supplements? *
Who primarily manages the day to day activities of livestock? *
If not managed by the owner, how often do you inspect your livestock? *
Do you usually sell your small stock? *
How many small stock do you sell in a year?

At what age do you usually sell?

Who determines the price?

On which basis is the price set? *
When do you normally sell and why? *
Where do you sell your animals and products?

Are you a member of any farmers’ organisation? If yes, what is it called? *
Please list the top 5 most common diseases of small stock you experience in your herd and indicate the type of animal affected.

Do you usually vaccinate your animals? *
What type of livestock do you vaccinate?

For what diseases do you vaccinate and what is the name of the vaccinate being used?

Why do you vaccinate for this disease?

Who provides you with a vaccination calendar?
Do you experience any challenges with regards to vaccines and their use? *
How often do you control parasites *
  Weekly Monthly Quarterly 
When your animals are sick, who do you contact first? *
Have you previously received training and information on the following? *
Who provided this training and information?

Type of training preferred? *
Besides the training mentioned above, is there any other you wish the veterinary staff were giving you. Mention this on the lines below:

How often do you have contact with an animal health practitioner? *
To which animal handling facilities do you have access to? *
Which media technologies do you have access to? *
Which form of media technology do you prefer to receive information and training?

Do you have record of which ewes lambed or which did not lamb during the year? *
How many ewes lambed during the year

How many ewes did not lamb during the year.

How many lambs were born alive?

How many multiple lambs did you identify?

Do you have record of which rams mated with which ewes? *
How many rams were mated with ewes during the year?

how many ewes were mated with rams during the year?

How many rams do you use per 100 ewes?

How frequently are ewes mated?
What age are ewes mated?

What age are rams mated?

Do your ewes lamb throughout the year? *
If ewes do not lamb throughout the year, specify season /time periods of the year?